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Y'all I started this blog like a solid 6 years ago, and I haven't checked it in forever, so any comments pretty much go unread. I still get emails, so I mean feel free to comment but it's unlikely I'll answer. I'm in college now and don't have a lot of time! I'm still writing, etc etc, but I won't be giving out any more advice.

The current advice on how to get your story read is still sort of applicable; I'm sure wattpad has changed their format since I made this, so some tips may not work anymore. Good luck to all you writers out there!

-- Alex

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Authors on the Rise: Super_Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao belli i miei fans! That's italian for hello my beautiful fans ^.^

Alex here, ready for another section of authors on the rise. You ready? No? Get ready. Ready now? Kay.

This bloggggs featured "Author on the Rise" is....SUPER_CUPCAKES!!!!!!!! Really Super_Cupcakes, but CapsLock makes everything more exciting.

Alright. Super_Cupcakes, AKA Lissy, has just started writing a book "Wanted by an Alpha, Loved by the Beta". It is one of my favs, a werewolf novel!!!

Crunching the Numbers
Super_Cupcakes has 16 fans
Her book has 11 pages
Her book has 52 votes
Her book has 17 comments
She is a fan of 33 people
Written 1 book so far

Linking Up
Here's the link to her profile; fan her!!!

Reading On
Lissy currently has one book in the making, but it is very good. Here is the summary to "Wanted by an Alpha, Loved by the Beta": Claire Johnson, is a seventeen year old werewolf. As the days inch closer, to her finding her mate, the trials and problems, get harder and harder. Being the alpha's daughter, in the middle of a war, can get tough. She has several friends to help her. Alex, her best friend and the Beta, has been there for her, her entire life, and has a really good shot at possibly being her mate. Daniel, on the other hand, is an Alpha who gets what he wants, and that might just be Claire. As, lives are risked, and secrets unfold, Claire must stay strong, but when new,and much more important problems arise, can she prevail against her crumbling world, find her mate, and come out victorious, or die trying?

Ooh, its getting good. Claire is a quirky and slightly awkward but loveable and tough character. She honestly has many sides, which is easily relatable to teens. And c'mon, we are all teens on that website. There's barely any adults. Lissy offers us a good way to relate to Claire, almost as if we know Claire or are Claire. And, since Claire is a werewolf, it allows us to bring a little magic into our lives.

Alex is a good character, reliable, loyal, and Claire's best friend.

Seriously, check out this book, vote, fan, and comment lovelies <3


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Until next time, be good :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time for a New Segment!!! Authors on the Rise

Hello, thanks to the wonderful suggestion of Super_Cupcakes, we are going to have a lovely new segment on here. It's called "Authors on the Rise".

Basically, the AotR posts will be about authors who have written a couple of stories, and are gaining popularity, but may not be there yet.

So; without further ado, here is this week's Author on the Rise:

........................................ ForeverMoi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alright. ForeverMoi has one story; "Falling for the Bad Guy".
It has over 1,000 reads right now; but I think it deserves more. She currently has 63 fans. C'mon people, help her get to 100!! Fan her THIS INSTANT!!!


"Falling for the Bad Guy"
“I will never love you!” He said, his words cutting like knives, “I only love one person! And that person is your sister -who’s in a freaking coma because of me!” And just like that, my heart shattered into a million pieces. Skylar White was an ordinary Ms. Perfect until one night changed everything. It was the night of Friday the 13th.

Alright people, stay with me. This story currently has 1,086 reads, 215 votes, and 168 comments. Yet her profile only has 63 fans??? Alright, help her reach 100. This girl is awesome.

The story has awesome grammar, almost perfect, and a captivating idea. It;s teen fiction and romance; a great combo.

I especially love this line in the prologue; "But after that one night I started to believe in that one superstition. It was on the night of Friday the 13th."

34 comments on the prologue alone!!

Alright people, fan ForeverMoi right now. She deserves 100 fans at least. So; that's all for this Author's On The Rise section right now.

Thank you, ForeverMoi, for sharing your story with all of us!!! You deserve to be featured here!


Do you want to be featured as an Author on the Rise?

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All for now!!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Story Read on Wattpad

Alright; I've done a little digging to bring you my first Instructional help blog; How To Get People To Read Your Story on Wattpad. Now, some of you may already have wildly popular stories...and you don't need this article. But, a lot of people do. There are sooo many stories that barely anyone reads. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to get your story read.

1. Join a "Share Your Story" Club. Find the sections that are like "Read for a Read" or "Show your story here!" Or something. Post in that discussion a brief summary of your story, plus the cover to get people interested. (If you don't know how to add a cover, this link tells you:

2. Comment on stories you like, Simple things like "Hi! I love your story so much! Could you possibly read one of my stories? It would mean so much, thanks!". You may need to comment more on their chapters, Warning: Some authors won't read stories people suggest, but a lot will.

3. Have a good friend advertise your story or profile. Ask one of your good friends on wattpad if they will promote, or "promo" your story on their page. If that person has a lot of readers or fans, than some people may learn about your profile and fan you, or read your story.

4. Write a story on "What's Hot". This may be tricky. Check wattpad's "What's Hot List" and write about things people read. There are a lot of werewolf stories right now. I know you want to write about what you want, but stories about popular topics will  be more popular.

5. Have good grammar. People aren't going to want to read your story if you have bad punctuation. As for spelling and grammar, writing your story on Microsoft Word first and then copy/pasting it to wattpad can instantly improve your spelling and grammar. There are also websites that can spell check and grammar check, such as

6. Be descriptive, People won't want to read your story if nothing is descriptive. Picture the scene in your head and then describe it using adjectives. For speech,  try replacing things like "said" with "muttered" or "called". Picture how you want the character to say it, and pick a descriptive verb to use. Making the scene interesting will hook readers and make them want to read on.

7. Fan. Fanning people can get them to fan you back, and then they will read your stories. Also, from fanning, you can establish relationships with people, and then you can proceed with step number 3.

8. Ask people for advice. If you ask people for advice on writing, they will have to read your story to give you advice. This can benefit you in a bunch of ways, one being the fact that people read your story, the other being you get advice from people about writing.

9. Find Wattpad Blogs to Promote Yourself. Bloggers and people on facebook can promote your stories too! (Just ask me; if your 'worthy', I may promote you). Ask family and friends to advertise your wattpad profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. 

10. Write good stories. Try not to overwhelm readers with too much going on; I recently watched a suckish movie that had wayyy to much happening on the screen; the storyline was muddled. Also, make sure that your story isn't boring. You do have to have exciting events and great characters. J,K, Rowling provided backstories on all the characters in Harry Potter, and provides a story line that is easy to follow, yet thoroughly interesting.


So, I hope this post can help you share your story on Wattpad, get more fans, and get more reads on your stories.  Till next time, 

Alex (:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Hot on July 18th, 2o12

Hey hey! This blog is about some stories, featuring Change in Yourself. Very deep, very lovely.

The first author is very unknown, and the second two are pretty famous in the Wattpad World.


The first book is "Changing Lanes" by iWantYou2WantMe. Its about a high school student who undergoes a change in herself to get friends, as she was all alone before. The summary:

What if a secret identity was all you needed to steal his heart? Well, this is clumsy Christina Lanes's idea. She's decided to give herself a total makeover, head to toe, and change her name. She'll be the new kid at school; which was better than being her dorky, bullied old self. She even has a checklist of goals to accomplish. And top on that list? Date high school hottie Carter Hughes. But as challenges arise, and she goes from Christina to Krissi, changing lanes may not be as easy as it seems.

Cool. This book is completed, but TOTALLY worth a read. The character does learn a lot about herself as she goes through this psycho mission, and I even learned about myself, too. This author is kind of unknown, but I think her writing deserves at least 100 fans. Here's her profile, go fan her.


The next book is written by my first "Featured Author", angellover254. The title is called "My High School Life". It's about a girl named Isabella Ace. She was a 300 pound teenager, until she decided to lose some weight and feel more comfortable in her own skin. Here's angellover254's summary:

Meet Isabella Ace, a 300 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' at Woodway Prep; a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed, she decided to change. Eight months later she's back, better than ever, and ready for revenge. Throw in a teasing jock, a jealous cheerleader, a goth best friend, a childhood best friend, a hot trainer, and an overprotective brother. What do you get? Craziness!! And what's this about a forgotten past?

This book has almost 2 million reads, which blows me away. Isabella is a strong willed girl, and a positive role model for all because she decided to do something about her un-happiness. It's a lesson we can all take away.

So wattpad people, fan angellover254 if you have not done so already.


The next one is called "Tattooed Love" by Explode. It's not so much a story where the character changes themselves to be a better person, but rather a story where many events and twists in the road change a person.

You don't choose who you love, your heart does. Your heart doesn't understand that loving that person could led to your own destruction. Follow Amber, as she falls for a male that she shouldn't, and makes mistakes she is sure to regret. A dangerous and deadly love story, with more drama and twists than any other

This story is so great because of how much we can all relate to it. Explode does a fantastic job of writing something relatable! We all make mistakes, and this story shows how we can learn from that. It amazes me, truly. Fan this person! Now!!


Alright, so fan iWantYou2WantMe, angellover254, and Explode RIGHT NOW. These people deserve fans, as soon as possible. Especially the unknown one, she deserves at least one hundred fans.

These stories, stories like this never fail to amaze me by learning about myself and watching the characters we know and love develop as people.



Featured Author: angellover254

Hey! I thought it's time I do a "Featured Author" blog, showcasing an amazing author on

This blog's featured author of the day/week/time period is.............................................ANGELLOVER254!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, she has 5 stories in the making!!!! And they are:

Another Genie Story (on hold as of July 18th 2012)
Android Lover                 (on hold as of July 18th 2012)
Blooming Iris
My High School Life
Facebook Crush

She has 4,202 fans as of now. That's completely amazing, and she is very well known. Odds are, you've read at least one of her stories. If you haven't, do it. Now. But first, finish reading this blog all about her and her books.

Another Genie Story: It's on hold right now, but that doesn't stop people from reading!!! Here's a summary for all you people; 

100 years ago, Henry a 3000 years old genie had a master named Julia. He never knew what love was until he met Julia. She gave him life, but sadly she was already dating someone, and only viewed Henry as a friend. Once her three wishes were up, Henry had to go back into his bottle, and be trap there for another 100 years before someone can open it again. Now present day, Henry is back again with a new master named Cheyenne. Cheyenne is a very nice and very smart girl who everyone takes advantage of. She has only one friend, and his name is Tyler. He's popular unlike Cheyenne. Will Henry help Cheyenne by giving her three wishes? And what happens when Henry starts falling for her, will he be willing to break some rules for her, or will he do the same thing 100 years ago with Julia and give up? Add in another genie, a secret admirer, some weird dreams, and a cat like human, and you get Another Genie Story or more exact - Cheyenne's crazy life.

May I just say this girl's writing is amazing? The summary has me hooked!!!! She can right fantasy, no problem. I know I'm waiting for this story to come off hold.


My favorite one of Angel's stories is by far "My High School Life". Summary is below:

Meet Isabella Ace, a 300 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' at Woodway Prep; a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed, she decided to change. Eight months later she's back, better than ever, and ready for revenge. Throw in a teasing jock, a jealous cheerleader, a goth best friend, a childhood best friend, a hot trainer, and an overprotective brother. What do you get? Craziness!! And what's this about a forgotten past?
Alright, Angel!!! This story is truly intriguing, and I love it when she uploads!


I'm not giving you a summary to every one of her stories, but you should check out her profile and read them for yourself. 

I picked Angel to be a Featured Author on my blog, because of these things:

1. Her fantastic ideas for stories, and they never fail to capture our interest from the start
2. The number of her stories. This girl has something for everyone!
3. Her amazing covers. Honestly, they are super artsy and creative. Does she make them herself, or does she have a helper?
4. Her kind attitude towards her fans.

Alright!! I also want to give credit to Babelynn, who made the cover to "My High School Life", aleanOREO for the great cover to "Facebook Crush", and Poisonedbones for "Blooming Iris"'s cover, I belive the other two cover's for Another Genie Story and Android Love were made by Angellover254.

Here's the link to Angel's profile! Check her out!


Are you on Do you want to become a Featured Author on this blog? Send me a message at Blahblahblogger on ( if you meet these qualifications, you may be featured as an author on here!!!!

1. Has at least two stories
2. Is a nice person
3. Good grammar most of the time!

Alright! Get out there and become a "Featured Author" on this blog, get some publicity for yourself!!!

Thanks again to angellover254, because you absolutely rock. Thanks for your awesome stories!!! And everyone else, FAN HER! Don't forget to check out some of my other posts on here, like "What's hot on July 18th, 2012" and stuff.

Hearts and Lungs,
Alex =D

Mermaid Stories on July 18, 2o12

Hey guys!!! It is now July 18,2012 (where I live, anyways). Sorry it has been forever since I uploaded on here!! So, without further ado, here's a new blog. Enjoy.


Alright, here's the break down. Wattpad has recently become swelled with mermaid  stories! I, myself, find them interesting and a fun, lighthearted read.


There is one mermaid story. You've all heard of Ariel, the little mermaid, right? Well, this is a re-telling of Hans Christen Anderson and Walt Disney's famous "The Little Mermaid". It's called "Crash Into Me" by  KarateChop. Here's the summary:

Talise, a mermaid, has fallen in love with Adam from afar. She would always venture to the top of the sea in hopes to see him. When she saves his life however, she dreams of walking on the beach next to him hand in hand. Talise seeks the dark magic of Caulder who has battled for her interest for years. Instead of just turning her into a human he strikes her a deal. She will have two weeks, being human, to make Adam fall in love with her. But if she fails, the spell will be broken and she will belong to Caulder instead.

It's a re-telling of Ariel's classic tail, re-told more modernly by KarateChop. I'm pretty impressed by KarateChop; she has a lot of books on her plate to write. I wish she'd update "Crash Into Me" because it hasn't been updated since last September and it left off on a MAJOR cliffhanger.


Another story is called "Mermaid Bay" by Kenziekay. It's a different angle on mermaids; you have your mermaid stories in which mermaids live full time in the ocean, and then humans who touch  and grow a tail. This is the latter.

Vanessa was pretty much a regular girl, she lived in a small town in hawaii untill her dad got a promotion and he told her that they are moving to L.A she was furious so she ran into the forest near her house and took an unexpected swim in a mysterious bay. Ever since then evrey time she totched water her legs turned into one long aqua fin. She meets a boy named Gale,who she quickly fell for,but when Taylor comes along assigned to kill her, will Vanessa rethink her feelings for Gale and want to be with Taylor and their forbbiden Love? or will she go with the boy she has to lie to?

Summary above^. It's a twist of a mermaid-human love story, mixed with a crazed super-natural hunter dude. It's almost coming to a love triangle, and has engaged me since the beginning.


One last story to mention; "A Mermaid's Tale" by WritingMyPassion. It's actually about a mermaid who gets captured by vampires, combining two supernatural beings providing for a great read. And the summary:

Aqua, a mermaid living in a human world. But when she is kidnapped by the vampire royals for revenge against her own royal family what secrets will come out. She learns her mermaids aren't always what she has been told. And that the hot vampire sons of the royal family aren't like she thought. What laws will be broken? What will the consequences be? Can love be illegal if it's true?

It's a completed story, but still is a good way to spend time. Will Aqua's love get in the way of her path to freedom? Ooh... good read.


So there you have it! Three good mermaid stories, all different, all very good. Thank you WritingMyPassion, Kenziekay, and KarateChop for supplying great mermaid reads for the public to enjoy *u*

Hugs and butterfly kisses.